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To ensure that only genuine entries are included within the database, we require anyone wishing to contribute via our website to undergo a verification process. There are three main verification methods available.

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During the verification process, you can quickly and easily add an entry into the code to your website’s homepage or any other page on your site of your choosing. Once we have checked that the entry exists, it can be removed from your site. On your chosen page, enter the following
<meta name=”wecarelgbt-verification” content=”signupverfi12495″ />
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To use email only verification, you will need to submit an email address linked to your main website or services domain. The email address can include your domain name or if the email address is displayed on your website. An example for an email account using a domain name would be domain: xyv.com, email: @xyz.com. If the email address is different to your domain name, it would need to be featured or present within your website, such as on the contact us page or at the footer of the website

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Another option is to use any of the main social media accounts associated with your event, service or business. The social media account must be mentioned or featured on your website, for example, on the site’s contact us or footer section. To use social media, you will need to post, using the main account and copy and paste the following: –
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Find our listing on Wecare.LGBT – the new opensource library, a free online resource that provides LGBTQIA+ related data to the world. To learn more, visit https://wecare.lgbt

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Over the years, many countries, cultures, and attitudes have been changing positively towards the LGBTQIA+ community. Many individuals from the community no longer live in fear of persecution and can now form legally recognised relationships. Even though acceptance and equality have improved, many people are still living in hostile environments. Countries that were previously making positive changes are now shifting their attitudes and regressing, citing traditional values. It is now more important than ever to present the LGBTQIA+ community positively and help connect the community, wherever they might live. Whether from being made aware of upcoming events, the latest apps or services that might benefit them, Wecare.LGBT was designed to help the global community.

Wecare.LGBT, an open-source project focused on collecting, organising and sharing LGBTQIA+ related information with the world. The project was created to ensure that community information is recorded and made available freely in a format that is accessible to all. The project aims to become a central library for all LGBTQIA+ related data that will grow over time and become a valuable resource widely accessed and used worldwide. Wecare.LGBT was designed so that those from within the community can add and manage the data. All of the information is then made freely available to all