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Wecare Sections – Spot Mistake

What if I spot a mistake?

You can contact Wecare.LGBT using the takedown, creation or amendment forms available within the contact us section
Wecare Sections – Data Available

Can anyone use the data available on Wecare.LGBT?

Yes, however, there are licencing terms and conditions that you have to agree to follow. For example, individuals and companies can share all available data but are not allowed to repackage or charge their customers to access any of the data provided by the Wecare.LGBT project

Wecare Sections – Data Updated

How often is the data updated?

The data within each database will be updated when a change occurs, such as adding new events or any of the triggers for the other datasets. Each of the databases will be packaged frequently and made available for download, which means everyone can get the latest information quickly and easily
Wecare Sections – Opensource

  What is an Opensource project?

An open-source project is a type of licence that gives everyone, those directly involved and those accessing the project, permission to use, review, modify and share the project’s related information (often code or data), which is also provided free of any charge. Opensource promotes collaborative working, where large groups work together to keep the information updated and expand the project’s data or code. The opensource licence will typically outline the project’s terms and conditions, from acceptable use and all available data and code types. There are many different types of open-source licenses; however, both individuals and companies will typically use the project’s data or code. Providing the data free of charge makes the information widely available. It also improves the accuracy and completeness of community-related data or code. Companies, blogs, news outlets and services are not only able to quickly and easily access the data; however, it also enhances and makes important information widely available to their customers and readers
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Over the years, many countries, cultures, and attitudes have been changing positively towards the LGBTQIA+ community. Many individuals from the community no longer live in fear of persecution and can now form legally recognised relationships. Even though acceptance and equality have improved, many people are still living in hostile environments. Countries that were previously making positive changes are now shifting their attitudes and regressing, citing traditional values. It is now more important than ever to present the LGBTQIA+ community positively and help connect the community, wherever they might live. Whether from being made aware of upcoming events, the latest apps or services that might benefit them, Wecare.LGBT was designed to help the global community.

Wecare.LGBT, an open-source project focused on collecting, organising and sharing LGBTQIA+ related information with the world. The project was created to ensure that community information is recorded and made available freely in a format that is accessible to all. The project aims to become a central library for all LGBTQIA+ related data that will grow over time and become a valuable resource widely accessed and used worldwide. Wecare.LGBT was designed so that those from within the community can add and manage the data. All of the information is then made freely available to all